Ola Electric Launched “Ola Solo”, India’s First Autonomous Electric Scooter


As per the promises made by CEO Bhavish Aggarwal, Ola Electric has today launched its new product, “Ola SOLO,” India’s first autonomous electric scooter.

With the integration of AI, Ola Solo will learn from every ride through the adaptive algorithm of JU-GUARD. Moreover, it analyses real-time traffic data to navigate streets with ease, powered by its in-house developed chip, LMA09000.

Announcement by CEO Bhavish Aggarwal 

Sharing the update of the new scooter on his X account, Bhavish Aggarwal, the co-founder of Ola Electric, said, “Presenting ‘Ola Solo, India’s first autonomous electric scooter.’ Solo is a fully autonomous, AI-enabled, and traffic-smart scooter. Hail a ride or drive your own Solo. We will disrupt ride-hailing and local commerce! Another feat of our engineering team. Imagination -> reality. And great collaboration between OlaElectric, Olacabs, and Krutrim!!”

Ola ‘Solo’ Electric Scooter Features

  • Multilingual Voice: Upon activation, Krutrim’s voice-enabled AI technology allows you to interact with Ola Solo in 22 languages.
  • Face Recognition Helmet Activation: Ola Solo has a facial recognition system and helmet activation for additional security and assured safety.
  • Human Mode: Ola Solo makes small talk with other vehicles, and even roadside chai vendors, ensuring seamless integration into urban life.
  • Vibrating seat alerts: Receive subtle vibrations through the seat to alert you of potential hazards or upcoming turns.
  • Vishram Mode – When the Ola Solo runs low on juice, it finds the nearest hypercharger to energize itself.
  • Summon mode: You can go to the Ola app and summon an Ola Solo that will pick you up autonomously.

Launching Date of Ola Solo

Till now, no information has been given by the company about the launch date of the Ola Solo Electric Scooter, but it is expected that Bhavish Aggarwal will share some information about it soon.

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