Rivot NX100 All Variants Explain With Price, Range and Features


Rivot NX100 Electric Scooter  A fortnight ago, Rivot Motors had organized an event on 23rd October, in Bengaluru, for launching their first electric scooter NX100. The company produces this Indian-made, intelligent, strong two-wheeler with some of the world’s latest, most innovative features and designs for the superior product.  Variant Price (ex-showroom) Range (claimed) Classic Rs. …

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Ola S1X Electric Scooter: Everything You Need to Know


Ola S1X Electric Scooter Ola Electric has organized a ground-breaking event on 15th Aug. 2023. In this event, Ola Electric has showcased its electric two-wheeler portfolio from electric scooters to futuristic electric motorcycles. The company has also showcased its cheapest electric scooter in the event as well named Ola S1X. here in this article, we …

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River Indie Electric Scooter: Price, Range and Specifications

River Indie Electric Scooter River, a Bengaluru-based startup, recently launched a sleek version of the electric scooter dubbed River Indie. This is an urban commuting scooter with a novel mixture of utility, toughness, and fashionability. Look and Design   It is an indie with unique features like none other of the available electric motors around. Scooter tall …

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Top 5 Longest Range Electric Scooters in India 2023


Electric Scoters and Range Factor  If you are thinking of buying an electric scooter, then one thing must be on your mind and that is the range of electric scooters. The biggest obstacle for people to adopt electric scooters in India is still the range of electric scooters. Many misconceptions are spread in the market …

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