Best Selling Electric Scooters in September 2023: EV Sales Data

EV Sales Data September 2023 

The era of electric vehicles has begun in India in the last few years and electric scooters have played a leading role in bringing this revolution. There has been a tremendous jump in the sales of electric scooters in the last few months. Today in this article we will tell you about the sales of electric scooters in the last month i.e. September 2023. EV Sales Data September 2023

Top 5 Best Electric Scooters to Buy in India 2023 

Electric Scooters Sales Data: September 2023

Sr. N.Company Name Sales in Aug 2023Sales in September 2023MoM Growth
1.Ola Electric18,71818,635-0.44
2.TVS Iqube15,47315,5120.27
3.Ather Energy7,1297,109-0.28
4.Bajaj Chetak6,5757,0457.17
5.Greaves Electric(Ampere)2,9253,60513.30
6.Okinawa Autotech2,0001,789-10.55
7.BGauss Auto9239341.19
8.Okaya EV1,150885-23.04
9.Revolt Motors51488271.60
10.Hero Electric7838437.66

Electric Motorcycle/Bike Sales Data: September 2023

Company Name Sales in Aug 2023Sales in September 2023
Revolt Motors514882
Tork Motors91150
Oben Ror026
Hop Electric157

Other Famous Electric Scooter Company 

Company Name Sales in Aug 2023Sales in September 2023
Hero Vida914533
Simple One130
Pure EV499530

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Key Highlights 

1.Surprisingly Hero Vida dropped out of the top 10 list. Whereas many people believed that Vida could compete with other companies in the future.

2. Revolt Motors has surprised everyone and secured a place in the top 10, in a way it can be called the rebirth of Revolt.

3. There is a long debate going on regarding the delivery of Simple One, the company has not delivered the scooter in the entire month of September. This is really worrying for the company and its buyers.

4. Ola Electric is still on the top of the list but Even after Ola launched its cheapest model S1 Air last month, there was no increase in its sales.


This month’s electric two-wheeler sales figures were shocking Compared to other months. Many such companies came forward which were not expected, while many big companies were seen performing less than expected.
According to Us, EV sales data in September 2023, the best performance was by Revolt Motors while the worst performance was by Hero Vida.

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