How to Convert a Petrol Scooter into Electric Scooter: EV Conversion Kit

Electric Scooter Conversion Kit 


People consider buying normal gasoline driven scooters, but there is a growing trend that makes some scooter amateurs rethink about this option. More and more drivers become aware of ecological issues and modern cars which do not emit harmful substances during driving make them worry. This choice will reduce your carbon emissions and, ultimately, it will be economical through less gas expenses. In this article, we will take you through the transformation process of turning your faithful gas scooter to an ecofriendly electric friend.

While this is an important achievement however, it must be noted that it did not come without difficulties. It may also breach scooter’s warranty clause and, in certain cases, constitute illegal activities like fraud, depending on the method of conversion and area of residence. Therefore, it’s crucial for you to research about local laws, talk to a skilled automobile mechanic or electricity expert if need be prior to installation.

Tools Used for Electric Scooter Conversion 

Before you start rolling up your sleeves, make sure you have the following equipment and materials on hand:

  • Donor Electric Components

Consider them the lifeblood of your conversion project. An electric motor, a controller, a battery pack, and a charger are all required. To get the proper components for your scooter, you can shop online or chat with EV conversion professionals.

  • Scooter Service Manual

This is your go-to guide to the inner workings of your fuel scooter. A service handbook tailored to your scooter model is like having a road plan for the adventure ahead. It will let you thoroughly understand the electrical and mechanical complexity.

  • Safety Equipment:

Safety is always first. Put on gloves, safety goggles, and protective clothes. As you work on your scooter makeover, these will serve as your armor.

  • Hand Tools Galore

Wrenches, screwdrivers, and a variety of other hand tools are your go-to tools for the job. They’ll help you disassemble and reassemble the puzzle parts.

  • Welding Equipment (if required)

Welding may be required in some circumstances to guarantee a secure fit. Make sure you have access to welding equipment if your project requires it.

  • Electrical Wiring and connections

It is critical to have the proper wires and connections on hand. They are the threads that connect your electric components, so be sure you have the right gauge and type for the job.

You’re all set to go on your electric scooter conversion adventure with these tools and resources in your arsenal.

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Electric Scooter Conversion Step-by-Step

  • Preparation before Conversion

Begin your adventure by reading over your service handbook thoroughly. This first stage is similar to drafting a project roadmap. Understand where each component should go and how the wire should be routed.

  • End for Your Petrol Engine

Goodbye, dependable gasoline engine. Disconnect it from the frame, which may require removing the exhaust, fuel tank, and any other connected pieces.

  • Began of Electric Motor

It’s time to present the show’s main attraction: the electric motor. Install it securely in place of the gasoline engine. Check that it is properly aligned with your scooter’s drive system.

  • Controller Installation

The controller is critical in managing the speed of your electric motor. Attach it to an appropriate spot on the frame of your scooter, making sure it’s securely connected.

  • Find Location for the Battery

Decide where you want your battery pack to live. To avoid overheating, make sure it’s firmly connected to your scooter and well-ventilated. Attach it to the controller.

  • Connecting Wiring

Carefully connect the motor, controller, and battery according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This stage necessitates accuracy to ensure safety and optimum functionality.

  • Adapting Throttle and Brake Controls

Your current throttle and brake controls must be modified to work with the electric system. This may necessitate some adjustments or replacements in order to make them interoperable.

  • Charging System Set-up

Locate a convenient location for your charger, making sure it is conveniently accessible for plugging in. Connect it to the battery pack according to the instructions.

  • Testing of the Conversion 

Before taking your electric scooter out on the road, it’s critical to put it through its paces in a controlled environment. Check sure all components work properly and listen for any unexpected sounds or vibrations.

  • Legal and Registration Issues

Research your local legislation about modified electric scooters. To remain compliant, you may need to re-register your vehicle and obtain necessary insurance.

  • Maintenance and safety

Inspect and maintain your electric scooter on a regular basis to ensure it remains safe and works effectively. Keep an eye on the battery’s health and replace it as needed.

You’ll be well on your way to enjoying the benefits of your electric scooter conversion while also contributing to a cleaner environment if you follow these procedures.

Top 5 Electric Scooter Conversion Companies in India 

here is the list of top 5 electric conversion companies in India-

Sr.N.Company Name Website Link 
2LightSpeed Electric
4Tunwal E-Vehicles



Overall, refurbishing your cherished gasoline scoot into a high tech eco-friendly wonder is fun. It shows your commitment to sustainable travel, thus possibly yielding a cost reduction over time. Nonetheless, such a transition ought to be careful about the process and respect towards the environment.

First ensure you have read the service manual and, where unsure as to the safety, consult professionals with reliable knowledge on speedy conversion. Also, ensure that you abide by the recent laws to maintain legality and that your e-scooter is in order.

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