Hero Splendor Electric Bike Soon Launch in India, Price and Range

The electric vehicle market is continuously increasing in the country. Every day the company is entering the electric vehicle segment. specially, electric two-wheelers are in the highest demand in the market and all the companies are continuously launching new products.

In such a situation a big name comes out – Hero Motocop

Hero Motocop – Hero is India’s largest two-wheeler company. Hero is very popular in the market due to its petrol/diesel vehicles. Now the company has entered the electric vehicle segment. The company had earlier launched electric scooters in the market. These electric scooters are selling well in the Indian market.

But now the company can launch the electric version of its most famous bike Splendor in the market.

HERO Splendor Electric Bike 


Splendor is counted among the oldest and most popular models of hero motors. This bike has been running in the Indian market for the last few decades. Seeing the huge success of its petrol version, now the company can make it electric. It is expected that it will be visible in the Indian market soon.

The company has recently launched its electric two wheeler brand VIDA. After its launch, people are hopeful that the electric version of Splendor can also be offered by this brand.

However, for your information, let us tell you that till now no official information has come regarding splendor electric.

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Vinay Raj Somashekhar has recently presented the electric render of Hero Splendor online. Ever since this Electric Render came in front of the people, there has been a huge demand that Hero Electric should really work on the electric version of Splendor. But is Hero Motors really thinking about its electric version? This is a matter of knowing.

It may be launched in different variants 

Reports are coming out that there is a discussion going on to launch this electric bike in different variants. Range, Battery pack & Price will be added according to the variant.

Look & body Structure

splendor bike ev

Let us tell you that in the electric render that Vinay has used, most of the parts have been taken from the petrol version of Splendor. In its petrol version, the battery pack has been installed where the engine used to be. This battery has been given black color. The gearbox has been removed and blue color has been used to make it look electric.

Battery Pack 

It is being said that the battery used in it will be of 9 kWh. Besides, it will also be provided with an extra battery pack of 2 kWh which can be used in emergency.

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Charging Port 

It is being said that in its petrol version, where the tank was provided to fill petrol, there will now be a charging port.



Due to different variants, the range will also be different. Since no official news has come yet, it is believed that different variants together will provide a range of 120 to 180 km/charge.

Price in India 

The look of Splendor electric bike that has been revealed now is a render model and Vinay has not given any specific information about its price. It remains to be known at what price the company will launch this model after preparing it. If the company wants to sell it at the same price as its petrol version, then its estimated price can range from Rs 1 lakh to Rs 1,50 lakh.

Launch date 

Because till now only the render model of Splendor electric bike has been revealed. No official announcement has been made by the company regarding this, so for now there is no concrete news regarding its launch.

Hopefully Hero Motocop will start work on it soon.

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