Piaggio One Active Electric Scooter: Design, Price and Range

Piaggio One Active Electric Scooter 

The Piaggio One Active is a low-cost, high-quality electric scooter from Piaggio, one of the world’s major scooter and motorcycle manufacturers and the parent company of the well-known Vespa brand.

The Piaggio One Active along with its sister business Vespa Elettrica and its first electric vehicle, the Piaggio e-Appe, were among the first electric scooters. The scooter is identical to the One model but has a larger battery.


Look And Design 


The Piaggio One Active is distinguished by its contemporary and appealing design. This electric scooter is a monument to the combination of form and function, with clean lines and a small shape. The Piaggio One Active, which comes in a variety of vivid colors, is intended to appeal to a wide spectrum of people, from metropolitan commuters to eco-conscious trendsetters.

Digital Features and Safety Features 

Piaggio One Active does not lag in the age of smart mobility. The scooter has extensive connectivity features, such as a specialized smartphone app. Riders can use the app to check battery status, track the scooter’s location, and obtain real-time riding data. Furthermore, the app provides insight into energy use and suggests routes to optimize battery life, all of which contribute to a more intelligent and user-friendly riding experience.


Piaggio places a high value on safety, and the Piaggio One Active is no exception. The scooter is outfitted with advanced safety measures such as ABS and traction control, ensuring a secure and steady ride even in difficult conditions. LED lighting improves visibility and provides a safe riding experience both during the day and at night.

Range and Top Speed 


The Piaggio One Active has a top speed of 60 km/h and a range of 66 km in Sport mode and 85 km in ECO mode.


Range66Km (Sports Mode), 85 Km (Eco Mode)
Top speed60 km/h
BatteryLi-ion battery
Battery capacity2.3kWh, 48V, 48Ah 
Motor Power 2.0 kW


It takes six hours to fully charge its removable battery pack. Both sides of the electric scooter have 175 MM disc brakes.



The pricing of the electric scooter has not yet been published by the business. It can range between Rs 1 lakh and Rs 1.5 lakh. While the electric scooter appears to be stylish, the Piaggio One Active appears to be a touch pricey.


The Piaggio One Active electric scooter marks a significant advancement in urban mobility. It addresses the needs of modern travelers while lowering the ecological footprint by combining style, performance, and sustainability. The Piaggio One Active is a great illustration of how innovation can transform the way we move in urban environments as communities around the world try to adopt green transportation solutions. The Piaggio One Active, with its futuristic form and cutting-edge technology, is more than just a scooter; it is a declaration of intent toward a cleaner, more connected future.

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