Rivot NX100: Details Leaked Ahead of Launch, Price & Delivery Date

Rivot NX100 Electric Scooter

Rivot NX100 is one of the most awaited electric scooters to come in India. Currently, the Rivot NX 100 is being discussed everywhere in the Indian electric scooter market. And why not, the kind of features and technology that this electric scooter is going to provide, no one had even imagined this before. Today in this article we will discuss one by one those features of Rivot NX100 that make it that much special –

Longest Range Electric Scooter in India 


Rivot Motors is claiming the range of this electric scooter as 280 Km/charge on its website and all social media handles. If we go by this data then it becomes the longest range electric scooter available in India. Apart from this, there is only Gravton Quanta electric scooter which claims such a high range but there is no clarity regarding its battery pack whether it will give this much range with dual battery or triple battery but with Rivot NX100 it will give such a range. There is no situation of any kind of disagreement.

Largest Battery Pack in the Industry 


In the Rivot NX100, we get to see the largest battery pack in the electric scooter industry so far. According to the company, a 5.7 kWh lithium-ion battery pack will be seen in Rivot NX100. This battery pack is installed below the Florebot. Talking about the footboard of this electric scooter, it comes with a flat footboard which is quite wide. The 5.7 kWh lithium-ion battery comes with IP67 rated certificate which protects it against water and dust.

Motor Power 


Rivot Motors uses mid-drive motors in its electric scooters. The motor comes with 6kWh power, providing a peak power of 150 Nm. The motor is IP67 rated which will also be protected from water and dust.

Digital Features 


The Rivot NX100 comes with an approximately 7-inch touchscreen display. Like Ola electric scooter, the projector headlamp has also been used in it. Additionally, the NX100 comes with two new groundbreaking features that are used for the first time in the segment, these two features are- 1. Dash Cam 2. Sensor Opening BootStorage.

  1. Dashcam:- Rivot Motors is going to be the first electric scooter company to use a dash cam in the electric scooter segment. Earlier, we had seen these features only in the four-wheeler segment, but now after understanding the importance of these features, we will implement them in our electric scooters as well.


  1. Sensor Opening BootStorage:- Again this is a first in segment feature by Rivot Motors. Now if you have some stuff in your hand and you are not able to open the storage box of the scooter and you want to keep this stuff in the boot storage then you just have to pass your foot in front of the sensor and the storage will open automatically. Again this is the most useful and most essential feature for electric scooters.


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Battery Pack5.7 kWh Lithium-ion Battery
Motor 6 kWh Power
Top SpeedAround 80-100 Km/ph
Range 280 Km/charge (IDC Range)
Price Around 2 Lakh (Ex-showroom)
Launch Date 23rd Oct. 2023 


Looking at the features and specs of this electric scooter, one thing can be clearly understood this electric scooter is not going to remain in the budget segment. This is going to be a premium segment electric scooter and its price is also being estimated accordingly. The ex-showroom price of Rivot NX100 in India is expected to be Rs 2 lakh or more.

Launch and Delivery 

Rivot Motors is going to launch its first electric scooter NX100 on 23 October 2023. It is expected that booking of the scooter will also start from this day.

Talking about the delivery, the company informed us in an inquiry that they will start the delivery of this electric scooter 6 months after the booking starts. So we can imagine that the deliveries of Rivot NX100 will start from the last week of April 2023.

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