Electric Car Sales Data: September 2023

India has witnessed a revolution in electric vehicles in recent times. However, electric scooters have made a major contribution to this. People have not been able to accept electric cars as easily as they have accepted electric scooters, yet it cannot be denied that now, albeit slowly, electric cars have started being adopted in India. Since the beginning of the year 2023, there has been a good increase in the sales of electric cars. Today in this article we will see the sales data of electric cars for the last two months (August and September 2023). Here are the ev sales for September 2023.

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Electric Car Sales: September 2023


Sr. N.EV Company Sales in Aug.Sales in Sep.MoM GrowthMarket  Share Sep. 2023
2.MG Motor1,190836-29.74%13.83%
3.Mahindra XUV400402337-16.16%5.52%
4.Hyundai Motor18420410.86%3.37%
5.BYD India9913637.37%2.25%
6.PCA Auto (Citroen)11713515.38%2.23%
7.BMW India8264-21.95%1.06%
8.Mercedes-Benz India1053430%1%
9.Volvo India4444 -Neel-1%
10.Kia Motors2827-3.50% 1%

Source:- Vahan Dashboard

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Highlight of the Month


1.Total Electric four-wheelers recorded 6,047 registrations in the September 2023.

2. Despite registering -25% MoM growth in the month of September, Tata Motors still leads the electric car market with 68% market share.

3. Overall, there has been a decline of 13% in the sales of electric cars in the month of September as compared to the month of August.

4. Mercedes-Benz India Recorded a Groundbreaking Growth of 430% in September as Compared to August 2023.


So this was the Electric Car Sales Report September 2023. Although it is true that there has been a slight decline in the sales of electric cars in the month of September, yet if we look at the sales figures of other premium segment car companies, there has been a jump in them. Last month, many premium segment companies also launched their new electric cars, in which BMW and Mercedes are leading. Also, the coming months are going to be the months of festivals in which the company will also come with many offers, hence the possibility of further increase in the sales of electric cars increases. It will be really exciting to see the sales reports for the coming months.

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