Top Electric Car Conversion Kits With Price & Companies in India

Electric Car Conversion Kits

The electric vehicle (EV) market is growing rapidly in India. But people are still showing some hesitation in adopting electric cars. The main reason for this now is the higher prices of electric cars compared to normal petrol and diesel cars. In such a situation, electric car conversion can become a way which can attract people towards electric cars. In this article, we will tell you how you can convert your conventional car into an electric car. We will talk about the entire process of electric car conversion, the expenses involved, and the major companies that do electric car conversion work in India. There are several companies in India that offer electric car conversion kits, and prices vary depending on the kit and the car being converted.

Electric Car Conversion Process Step-by-Step

Converting a petrol car to an electric takes a whole process. Here we are going to tell you about the entire process step by step.

Step 1: Select a Donor Vehicle

Choose an appropriate donor car for the conversion. Smaller and lighter vehicles are often easier to convert, but the option is entirely up to you and your needs.

Step 2: Make a Plan

Make a precise strategy that outlines the components you’ll require, the conversion method, and the budget. Think about things like battery capacity, motor power, and charging infrastructure.

Step 3: Disassemble the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) and its components.

Drain Fluids: Drain the vehicle’s fuel, oil, and other fluids.

Remove Exhaust System: Remove the exhaust system and any associated components.

Disconnect Transmission: Remove the transmission from the engine.

Engine removal: Remove the internal combustion engine and any associated components.

Step 4: Install the Electric Motor

Select an Electric Motor: Select an electric motor that is appropriate for your vehicle and performance needs.
Install the electric motor by connecting it to the transmission or straight to the vehicle’s drivetrain.
Transmission (if necessary): Some conversions may necessitate the alteration or replacement of the transmission to accommodate the electric motor.

Step 5: Install Batteries Select the Type of Battery:

Choose a battery type depending on characteristics such as energy density, weight, and cost.
Determine Battery Location: Position the batteries strategically throughout the vehicle to ensure weight distribution balance.
Set up the Battery Management System (BMS): Integrate a BMS to monitor and regulate individual battery cell health.

Step 6: Install the Motor Controller

Select a Motor Controller: Select a motor controller that matches the specs of your motor.
Connect the motor controller to the electric motor and batteries using wires.

Step 7: Set up the Charging System

Charger: Select a charger that is compatible with your battery system.

Install Charging Port: Attach the charging port to the car and plug it into the charger.

Step 8: Control and Wiring Systems

Vehicle Rewiring: To accommodate the electric components, replace or alter the existing wiring.

Install Instrumentation: Install gauges and monitors to monitor the power system.
Control Systems Integration: Implement control systems for the motor, battery, and other components.

Step 9: Debug and Test

Conduct extensive testing to ensure that all components are working properly. Debug and fix any problems that develop.

Step 10: Considerations for Legal and Safety

Inspection: Check your local laws for vehicle changes and inspections.
Insurance: Notify your insurance carrier of the change and adjust your policy accordingly.

Step 11: Have Fun With Your Electric Vehicle

Once all of the stages are finished and the vehicle passes all safety and regulatory requirements, you may begin enjoying your electric vehicle.

Electric Car Conversion Kits, Price and Companies in India

Rexnamo ElectroRexnamo Electro Conversion Kit₹8,56,680
GoGreenBOVGoGreenBOV EV Retrofit Solution₹2,40,000 to ₹5,70,000
RACEnergyRACEnergy EV Powertrain₹Price on request
E-TrioE-Trio Electric Car Conversion Kit₹4 lakh
Northway MotorsportNorthway Motorsport Electric Car Conversion Kit₹Price on request



Remember that this is a simplified overview, and the exact technique may differ depending on the specific components utilized, vehicle type, and local restrictions. Before trying an electric car conversion, it is also critical to have a solid understanding of automobile mechanics, electrical systems, and safety measures.

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