How Simple Energy Has Become Complicated Energy: Complete Case Study

Simple Energy Case Study 

These days, the biggest puzzle in the world of electric vehicles is SIMPLE ENERGY.

How the company once called the biggest competitor of OLA ELECTRIC today stands on the verge of shutdown. After all, what were the reasons due to which Simple Energy became a complete flop? Can this company still be trusted? Should you buy Simple Dot One electric scooter? There are many questions, let’s try to find the answers one by one in the Case study of simple energy: –

Enter Market with Lot’s of Hype and Hope 

On August 15, 2021, two new companies launched their electric scooters in India, Ola Electric and Simple Energy. On this day a new revolution started in the Indian EV market. People showed full confidence in both the companies. It is said that Simple One had received pre-bookings of around 1 lakh units of electric scooters. For the first time, people got a product that fulfilled both their expectations and needs.

Delivery Delay Scam Started 

But this path was not going to be so easy. Simple Energy had made many big promises before its launch such as:-

1. 236 Km/ Range on Single Charge
2. To be Available in More than 75 Indian Cities
3. Simple One Priced at 1,09,999/-
4. 10 Lakh Units Yearly Production Capacity
5. a lot More Latest Features

But within a few months, when it came to the delivery of electric scooters, the company started showing its true colors. Within almost 2 years of launch, Simple Energy gave customers 3 different delivery dates but failed to complete the delivery even once. The company would come up with some new excuse every time. Every time people got false hope.

Eventually people got upset and started canceling the bookings. On this the company came with a new update.

Relaunch the Simple One 

Simple Energy said that they will launch Simple One again in India on 23 May 2023 and eventually the company did the same.

Simple One was launched once again but this time with increased prices. The Simple One was Relaunched at a price of Rs 1.45 lakh ex-showroom and along with that got another new delivery date.

The company said that they will start the delivery of their electric scooter in June 2023.

Finally Delivery Started 

The company finally started delivery of the Simple One in June 2023. The company said that initially this delivery will be given only to the customers of Bangalore, after that the delivery will start in other cities in India. But this game also lasted only for three months and in September the company once again stopped the delivery. But the figures for electric scooters delivered in these last few months are astonishing.

Month’sUnits Deliver 


That means after waiting for 2 years, we got only 37 units. Talking about Ola Electric, they have delivered around Rs 3 lakh electric scooters in this time period. These figures are really worrying and also raise many questions.

People were even asked to cancel delivery

Just a few days after stopping the delivery, the news came that the company is asking people who had made pre-booking to cancel the booking. However, the reason behind this was not disclosed.

Simple Dot One Launch 

After the flop of Simple One, now the company has launched its new product Simple Dot One in the market. It has been launched at a starting price of Rs 1 lakh. The main reason behind Simple Dot One lower price compared to the simple one is its battery pack. Simple Dot One uses a fixed battery pack of 3.7 kWh capacity whereas the Simple One uses both fixed and removable battery packs.

Can you buy Simple Dot One now?

Still, the biggest question is whether this company can be trusted even after all this. Should you buy Simple Dot One?

Everyone may have different opinions on this matter, but here we believe that you should wait for this product to enter the market. Once its delivery starts, you should buy it only after knowing the reviews and experiences of some users. Now you cannot trust this company blindly like before.

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