Ather Energy Offers Special Discount of 24,000 on 450S and 450X

 Ather Electric December Program

Discounts on Ather 450S and 450X 

In the spirit of the festive season, Bengaluru-based EV manufacturer Ather Energy has offers an incredible program for December 2023, called ‘Ather Electric December’. This program is designed to reward customers with a range of enticing benefits, including cash benefits, EMI interest savings, and free extended warranty! Let’s delve into the complete details of this exciting offer.

Cash Benefits 

As part of the ‘Ather Electric December’ program, customers can enjoy some substantial cash benefits on both the Ather 450S and 450X electric scooters. To sweeten the deal, Ather Energy is offering impressive discounts of up to Rs 24,000!

On the purchase of an Ather 450S or 450X, customers can avail themselves of cash benefits of up to Rs 6,500. But that’s not all! By taking advantage of the corporate offer benefits, an additional Rs 1,500 can be added to their kitty. As a cherry on top, Ather Energy is also providing customers with Rs 5,000 as part of the ‘Ather Electric December’ program. These tempting offers are valid until December 31, 2023.

Get rid of high EMIs

Dreaming of owning an Ather electric scooter? Well, now is the perfect time to turn that dream into reality! With the ‘Ather Electric December’ program, you can save big on EMI interest rates. By opting for this limited-time offer, customers can enjoy a reduced interest rate of just 5.99% per annum, leading to potential savings of up to Rs 12,000!

But the savings don’t stop there. Ather Energy offers flexible financing schemes such as Zero Down Payment and 60-month EMI tenures for customers purchasing the Ather 450X and 450S models.

Limited Time Offers 

Remember, time is of the essence! The incredible cash benefits of up to Rs 6,500, along with the additional Rs 1,500 in corporate offer benefits and Rs 5,000 from the ‘Ather Electric December’ program, are only available until December 31, 2023.


There might be many of you who were thinking of buying Ather’s electric scooter for a long time but the price factor was coming in your way. But now due to these great offers, you can easily buy Ather electric scooter.

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