OTO Partners with Mufin Green Finance for EV Financing


OTO  Partnership with Mufin Green Finance 

On this National Energy Conservation Day, OTO, a pioneering digital two-wheeler commerce platform and a leading player in two-wheeler financing, proudly announces its dynamic collaboration with Mufin Green Finance Ltd., a pioneer in green financing solutions in India. This strategic alliance is set to transform the landscape of Electric Vehicle (EV) Financing, particularly for the underserved customer segments.

The partnership with Mufin Green Finance Ltd. marks a significant milestone in OTO’s journey, underscoring its commitment to leveraging technology for seamless financial solutions in the Electric 2Wheeler Space. OTO recognizes the evolving landscape of the electric vehicle (EV) industry and understands the importance of adapting to future trends. This collaboration not only grants Mufin Green Finance Ltd. access to OTO’s young and digital-savvy customer base within the two-wheeler sector but also signifies a strategic move towards the growing electric mobility sector.

Companies Vision 

OTO sets a goal to sell 35,000 electric vehicles in 2024, reinforcing its dedication to fostering the adoption of sustainable solutions. The synergy  between Mufin Green Finance Ltd.’s financial expertise and OTO’s technological prowess aims to boost electric vehicle adoption in the Indian market. With plans to allocate over 250 crores in green mobility, OTO aims to deploy over 100 crores through Mufin Green Mobility.

Words by Managements 

Sumit Chhazed, Co-Founder and CEO of OTO, expresses his enthusiasm, ‘In uniting with Mufin Green Finance, we are not just shaping the future of finance but also fostering a greener tomorrow. Our focus on electric two-wheelers aligns seamlessly with our vision for a sustainable and energy-conscious society, reinforcing our dedication to providing innovative solutions for the modern rider while prioritizing environmental stewardship.”

Mr. Pankaj Gupta, CEO Mufin Green Finance Ltd., said, “Inclusion and empowerment lie at the heart of every business decision and strategic initiative of Mufin Green Finance Ltd. We are delighted to partner with OTO, an organization whose focus and vision converge with our intent and directions. With this partnership, we hope to target and serve the young, digital-savvy and affluent generation of customers and expand our retail portfolio by providing them with the highest quality services that we are known for.”

This collaboration between OTO and Mufin Green Finance Ltd. not only exemplifies the companies’ commitment to delivering exceptional financial services but also signifies a transformative moment in the EV financing sector in India. The partnership is poised to benefit countless individuals seeking convenient and accessible financing options for electric vehicles.

About OTO

OTO is a forward-thinking two-wheeler digital commerce platform specializing in two-wheeler financing. With a customer-centric approach and a relentless focus on innovation, OTO is reshaping the landscape of two-wheeler ownership in India. OTO’s mission is to make the dream of owning a two-wheeler a reality for every “Bharatiya”, regardless of their financial backgrounds.

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