Electric Four-Wheeler Sales Data: November 2023, Best Selling Electric Cars


Electric Four-wheeler Sales Data: November 2023

As the world rapidly embraces sustainable transportation, the electric vehicle (EV) market continues to evolve, with November 2023 witnessing intriguing shifts in the sales landscape. Analyzing the sales data for this month reveals interesting trends and highlights the best-selling electric cars in the market. here is the table of electric four-wheeler sales data: November 2023. The list of Top 10 Best Electric Cars Selling Companies in the month of November. 

Sr. N.EV Company Sales in Oct.Sales in Nov.MoM GrowthMarket  Share (Nov. 2023)
2.MG Motor922891-3%12%
3.Mahindra XUV40027049482%7%
4.BMW India93262181%3.70%
5.Hyundai Motor194160-17%2.20%
6.BYD India137122-10%1.73%
7.PCA Auto (Citroen)172121-29%1.72%
8.Volvo India516629%0.93%
9.Mercedes-Benz India345355%0.75%
10.Kia Motors4929-40% 0.41%

1. Tata EV

Tata EV maintained its stronghold at the top, commanding a substantial market share of 68%. Despite a slight decline in sales from 5480 in October to 4824 in November, representing an 11% Month-on-Month (MoM) decrease, Tata EV continues to be the preferred choice for a significant majority of electric vehicle enthusiasts.

2. MG Motor

Securing the second position is MG Motor, with a resilient market share of 12%. While the sales figures experienced a marginal dip from 922 in October to 891 in November (-3% MoM), MG Motor’s consistent presence suggests a stable and dedicated customer base.

3. Mahindra XUV400

Mahindra XUV400 exhibited an impressive 82% MoM growth, catapulting its market share to 7%. With sales soaring from 270 in October to 494 in November, Mahindra’s electric offering has gained significant traction, signaling a positive response from consumers.

4. BMW India

BMW India made a remarkable leap in November, experiencing a substantial 181% MoM growth in sales, from 93 units in October to 262 units. This surge not only indicates the growing popularity of BMW’s electric vehicles but also contributes to an increased market share of 3.70%.

5. Hyundai Motor  

Hyundai Motor, despite a slight decline in sales from 194 in October to 160 in November (-17% MoM), maintains a market share of 2.20%. This suggests that Hyundai’s electric vehicles continue to resonate with a significant portion of the market, even in the face of a temporary setback.

6. BYD India

BYD India faced a modest 10% MoM decrease in sales, from 137 in October to 122 in November. However, the company maintains a respectable market share of 1.73%, showcasing resilience and a steady presence in the competitive electric vehicle market.

7. PCA Auto (Citroen)

decrease in sales, from 172 in October to 121 in November. This shift is reflective of the dynamic nature of the market, requiring companies to adapt to changing consumer preferences.

8. Volvo India

Volvo India recorded a 29% MoM growth in sales, from 51 units in October to 66 units in November. This growth not only signifies an expanding market presence but also contributes to a market share of 0.93%.

9. Mercedes-Benz India

Mercedes-Benz India continued its growth trajectory with a 55% MoM increase in sales, from 34 in October to 53 in November. The luxury automaker’s electric vehicles are steadily gaining traction, contributing to a market share of 0.75%.

10. Kia Motors

Kia Motors faced a temporary downturn in November, with sales decreasing by 40% MoM from 49 units in October to 29 units. Despite the dip, Kia Motors maintains a market share of 0.41%, indicating the potential for a rebound in the coming months.


In conclusion, the electric four-wheeler sales data for November 2023 paints a dynamic picture of the evolving electric vehicle market. While some manufacturers experienced temporary setbacks, others showcased impressive growth, emphasizing the importance of adaptability and innovation in this rapidly changing landscape. As the electric vehicle market continues to expand, these trends offer valuable insights for both industry players and consumers alike.

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