Top 10 Best Selling Electric Cars in 2023 Around the World

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Best Selling Electric Cars in 2023

Electric vehicle (EV) sales are gaining significant traction, accounting for 18% of global vehicle sales in 2023. As the market matures, customers are increasingly drawn to electric options due to the emergence of new competitors offering more affordable choices and enhanced performance features. here is the Top 9 Best Selling Electric Cars (Globally) of 2023 (till August).

Best Selling Electric Cars in 2023 (Through August)

Here are the world’s top-selling fully electric vehicles from January to August 2023:

Sr.n.Electric CarsSelling UnitsCountry
1.Tesla Model Y772,364 U.S.
2.Tesla Model 3364,403U.S.
3.BYD Atto 3 / Yuan Plus265,688China
4.BYD Dolphin222,825China
5.GAC Aion S160,693 China
6.Wuling HongGuang Mini EV153,399China
7.GAC Aion Y136,619China
8.VW ID.4120,154Germany
9.BYD Seagull95,202China

Analyzing the Rankings

Evidently, Tesla’s Model Y continues to dominate the market with an impressive 772,364 units sold. Surprisingly, Tesla’s Model 3 secures the second position, but with just 364,403 units sold, which is less than half of what Model Y achieved.

The growing presence of Chinese EVs cannot be overlooked. Out of the top ten best-selling EVs, five are Chinese models, with BYD leading the pack by offering three vehicles. BYD’s Atto 3 (or Yuan Plus, depending on the market) has gained considerable traction in various countries including Germany, the UK, Japan, and India.

Additionally, the GAC Group, a Chinese automaker, has made its mark in the rankings with two models from its Aion EV brand. Notably, the Aion S has sold 160,693 units so far, showcasing its popularity.

It’s worth mentioning that regional market strength plays a significant role in shaping the rankings. Volkswagen’s ID.4 model, with 120,154 units sold, primarily finds success in Europe and China.

Future Outlook

With increasing cost efficiencies and evolving consumer preferences, experts project that global EV sales will constitute about half of all new car sales worldwide by 2035, according to forecasts from Goldman Sachs. This projected growth signifies the remarkable shift towards electric mobility and indicates a promising future for the EV industry.

In conclusion, the EV market is experiencing remarkable growth, with Tesla’s Model Y leading the pack and Chinese EVs gaining significant ground. As the market continues to evolve and customers embrace sustainable options, the future of the automotive industry appears electrifying.

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