Simple Dot One Electric Scooter to Launch Under 1 Lakh on 15 Dec.

Simple Dot One Electric Scooter 

Simple Energy, a leading company in the electric vehicle market, has exciting news for all electric scooter enthusiasts. The much-awaited launch of their latest addition, the Simple Dot One, is just around the corner, with its debut scheduled for 15th December. With the recent success of the Simple One, Simple Energy aims to further expand its line of electric two-wheelers and cater to a wider audience. The Dot One is set to enter the market as an affordable sub-variant, challenging competitors like the Ola S1 Air. Let’s dive into what the Simple Dot One has to offer and how it plans to change the electric scooter ownership experience.

Performance and Features

The Simple Dot One is meticulously engineered to provide an impressive combination of performance and features without compromising on quality. Building upon the foundation of the Simple One, this electric scooter is destined to make a significant impact in the highly competitive market. With a price tag below one lakh, it promises affordability without sacrificing performance. Its fixed 3.7 kWh battery allows for a remarkable certified range of 151 kilometers and 160 kilometers in IDC. But that’s not all; the Dot One goes a step further by incorporating specially crafted tires that optimize on-road range, boosting overall efficiency.

Practicality and Convenience

In addition to its exceptional performance, the Dot One is designed to enhance practicality and convenience for riders. With over 30 liters of under-seat storage, this scooter offers ample space to carry essential items securely during your commute. To add a touch of modernity, a user-friendly touchscreen instrument cluster manages various functions and even provides app connectivity for seamless integration with your smartphone. Simple Energy understands the importance of these practical features and has integrated them into the Dot One, ensuring a delightful ownership experience.

Pre-Bookings and Compatibility

Mark your calendars for 15th December, as that’s when the exclusive pre-bookings for the Simple Dot One begin. If you’re already a happy customer of Simple Energy, this is an opportunity to explore another exceptional option within their product range. The Dot One can be seen as an alternative to the Simple One, enabling existing customers to expand their choices and find the perfect fit for their preferences and needs. Simple Energy aims to be customer-centric, providing comprehensive solutions that cater to a broad demographic.

Words by Founder and CEO

Mr. Suhas Rajkumar, Founder & CEO of Simple Energy, expressed his excitement about the launch of the Simple Dot One. He emphasized the significance of this milestone for the company and its commitment to accessible electric mobility. Suhas Rajkumar mentioned that the Dot One embodies their vision, combining sleek design with state-of-the-art features. The market launch of the Dot One is eagerly anticipated, and Simple Energy counts on the unwavering support of their esteemed customers to make it a resounding success.


Simple Energy’s announcement of the Simple Dot One demonstrates their dedication to making electric scooters more accessible, intuitive, and enjoyable for riders. With its affordability, superior performance, and practical features, the Dot One is poised to shake up the market and give consumers a compelling option to consider. As the launch date approaches, anticipation grows, and we eagerly await the arrival of the Simple Dot One, ready to revolutionize the electric scooter experience for all.

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