Orxa Mantis Electric Bike Launched at Rs 3.6 Lakh, 221 Km Range

Orxa Mantis Electric Bike

Orxa Energies, the leading electric vehicle manufacturer, has unveiled the eagerly-awaited production-ready version of its revolutionary Mantis electric bike. Priced at Rs 3.6 lakh (ex-showroom, Bengaluru, charger-inclusive), this groundbreaking two-wheeler is set to change the game in the electric bike market. With an array of improvements over the initial prototype showcased at the India Bike Week 2019, the Mantis is ready to hit the streets.

Bookings Open and Delivery Dates


Enthusiasts can now book their Mantis electric bike through the brand’s website. The initial booking amount for the first 1000 customers is Rs 10,000, while subsequent bookings will require a deposit of Rs 25,000. Deliveries are set to commence in April 2024 in Bengaluru, with delivery dates for other cities yet to be announced.

 Design and Color Options

The Mantis boasts a sleek and modern design, captivating riders with its cutting-edge aesthetics. Built on an all-aluminium chassis, this electric two-wheeler bears a striking resemblance to its prototype unveiled at the 2022 Indian Bike Week. The front fascia features a twin LED projector unit that adds a touch of polarizing charm. Moving towards the sides, the Mantis showcases bold and edgy panels that exude a sporty demeanor. The rear section draws inspiration from high-displacement, street-naked ICE motorcycles, resulting in a sleek and stylish appearance.

To further personalize their Mantis experience, Orxa will offer a range of accessories such as a top box, side panniers, and top rack. Pricing for these additional accessories is yet to be announced. The Mantis will be available in two captivating colors – Jungle Grey and Urban Black.


The Mantis comes equipped with a host of innovative features designed to enhance the riding experience. At the center of attention is a state-of-the-art 5-inch digital TFT display that includes Bluetooth connectivity. Riders can connect their smartphones via the Mantis app, which not only provides navigation assistance but also displays important phone notifications and rider analytics on the TFT screen. This seamless integration of technology ensures that riders stay connected while enjoying their exhilarating journeys.


Battery Pack8.9 kWh
Acceleration (0-100km)8.9 seconds
Top Speed135 km/ph
Range221 km

When it comes to performance, the Mantis truly stands out from the crowd. It boasts a meticulously engineered powertrain that promises an unparalleled riding experience. The liquid-cooled electric motor delivers a peak power output of 20.5 kW and a peak torque of 93 Nm, allowing the Mantis to reach top speeds of up to 135 kmph. Thanks to this impressive power, the Mantis can accelerate from 0 to 100 kmph in just 8.9 seconds, making it an exhilarating ride for every enthusiast.

The Mantis is equipped with an 8.9 kWh fixed battery setup, offering a remarkable claimed range of up to 221 km. This ensures that riders can embark on longer journeys without worrying about running out of charge. Charging the Mantis is a breeze with the 1.3 kW wall-mounted charger that comes as standard. It takes just 5 hours to charge the battery from 0 to 80 percent. For those seeking even faster charging speeds, Orxa offers an optional 3.3 kW charger, reducing the charging time to 2.5 hours for the same range. The pricing for this optional charger will be announced at a later date.

Safety Features 

The Mantis prioritizes safety with its robust cycle parts and advanced braking system. It features a 41 mm telescopic fork suspension at the front and a monoshock setup at the rear, allowing for a smooth and controlled ride. The disc brakes on both ends ensure reliable stopping power, with a 320 mm unit at the front and a 230 mm unit at the rear. With a weight of 182 kilograms and a seat height of 815 mm, the Mantis strikes the perfect balance between agility and comfort.


The Orxa Mantis Electric Bike has a starting price of Rs 3.60 lakh for the model with a 1.3 kWh standard charger.

Rivalry with F77

In the fiercely competitive Indian market, the Mantis is set to rival the Ultraviolette F77, another prominent player in the electric bike segment. With its groundbreaking features, exceptional performance, and sleek design, the Mantis is poised to make a significant impact and captivate the hearts of electric bike enthusiasts across the nation.

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