Kinetic Flex Electric Scooter: Price, Range and Specifications 

Kinetic Flex Electric Scooter

Kinetic Green is an Indian Electric Vehicle Manufacturer. The Company Currently Have Several of Electric Scooters in Indian Market. Here we gonna discuss about the company’s best among them electric scooter:- Kinetic Flex Electric Scooter. The Kinetic Flex is an electric scooter from Indian company Kinetic Green Energy. It was launched in India in 2023 and is one of the most affordable electric scooters in the Indian market. Let’s Discover the All Details about this groundbreaking electric scooter:- 

Look and Design

Its front end is sharp, while its rear has sloping curves; it’s a slim, modern-looking scooter. It comes in various exciting hues, which you can pick depending on who defines you.

The LED headlight and taillight are one of the features that set the Flex apart. The special form of the headlight makes its beam of light bright so that when it is dark, one sees well. Taillights in Flex are incorporated into the tail part, having a unique design that sets this electric scooter apart from others.

Alloy wheels are another feature that gives the Kinetic Flex an appealing and light look. They boost the scooter’s performance as well as its handling capability, thus giving it a sporty image.

In general, the Kinnect Green Flex Electric Scooter is a nice scooter that offers many things to riders. It’s fashionable, comfortable, yet sophisticated.


Kinetic Greens gives you a lot’s digital features in the Flex Electric scoter. 

Here is some of the key features of Kinetic Flex.

  • Smart Multi-Colour Digital Display
  • Anti-Theft Alarm
  • A central braking system
  • Regenerative braking
  • Alloy wheels
  • Anti-theft alarm
  • USB charging port
  • Alloy Rims

Range and Top Speed

A Kinetic Flex is claimed to have 120 km with a full charge. The company has also claimed a Top speed of 72 Km/ph on this electric scooter. 


The Kinetic Flex is powered by a 1200-watt electric motor that produces 20 Nm of torque. The Electric Scooter can accelerate from 0 to 40 km/h in 5 seconds.

The Flex comes with a 3.1 kWh lithium-ion battery pack that can be fully charged in 3-4 hours using the standard charger. The scooter also supports fast charging, which can provide 10 km of range in just 30 minutes.


The prices of this Kinetic Flex start with a Rs. 1. 18 lakh ex-showroom. Thus, this makes the vehicle one of the cheapest electric scooters available in the market and definitely cheaper than most petrol powered vehicles.


For anyone seeking an economic, electric scooter with high range and quality features, buying Kinetic Flex makes sense. Likewise, it is among the coolest electric scooters available in India.

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