Ather to Launch Rizta Family Electric Scooter on its Community Day


Ather Rizta Family Electric Scooter

Ather Energy, a Bangalore-based electric vehicle manufacturer, announced on Friday the imminent introduction of its new family-friendly electric scooter, the “Ather Rizta.” Rizta represents a new path for Ather, catering specifically to family needs rather than the prior focus on athletic and youthful vehicles such as the 450 Series.

Announcement by CEO

CEO Tarun Mehta made the news on the social networking platform ‘X’. Mehta stressed that, unlike its sportier predecessors, the Rizta is planned to be larger, more practical, and loaded with technologies aimed at improving comfort and safety. The scooter has been in development since 2019, with Ather’s staff apparently implementing “groundbreaking integrations” to improve the ride experience for families.

Unveil and Launch Date of Rizta the transition toward a more family-centric approach, Mehta assured customers that the Rizta will maintain the quality and dependability associated with the Ather brand. He also disclosed that the Rizta will be officially unveiled at ACDC 24, the Ather Community Day Celebration event, in 2024. Rizta will hit the market within the next six months.

Ather Energy’s Plans 

Ather Energy’s intention to enter the family-friendly electric scooter segment comes during a period of shifting market share. According to FADA data, the company sold 6,493 units in December 2023, accounting for 0.45% of the market share, a decrease from 7,695 units and 0.68 percent in December 2022.

How many electric scooters does Ather Energy have?

Ather’s Rizta will be the fourth Electric Scooter in the Product line of Ather Energy after Ather 450X, 450S, and 450Apex. Currently, we Don’t Have Lots of information About the Product but we are positive that as time passes company will come up with some exciting pieces of information.

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