Ola Electric Scooters Battery Replacement Cost: S1 Air, S1 Pro and S1X


Ola Electric Scooters Battery Replacement Cost 

Now the trend of electric scooters has started gaining momentum in India. The electric vehicle era, which started after the Corona period, has now started taking root in the Indian auto market. The electric scooter segment in particular has grown the fastest in India. Leading this revolution from the front by Ola Electric. Today you will easily find Ola’s electric scooters everywhere.

But wait, this is not going to be that easy. Those of you who have bought electric scooters would also know that the battery life of electric scooters is limited. Just as the health of your phone’s battery deteriorates with time, similarly the health of the battery of electric scooters also deteriorates with time, and it has to be replaced after a certain period of time. But do you know how much it costs to replace an electric scooter battery?

Today in this article we will explore Ola Electric Scooters Battery Replacement Cost form S1 Pro to S1 Air and S1X. 

Which Battery Does Ola Electric Use?


Ola Electric uses NMC-based Li-ion batteries in its electric scooters which are imported by South Korean company LG Chem. 4kWh capacity battery has been used in Ola S1 Pro. It is IP67 certified, which means this battery can easily withstand the impact of dust and water. The company also gives a warranty of up to 3 years on this battery. But the company says that nothing can happen to this battery for 7 years, it has been made so strong.

 Ola S1 Air and S1X Battery Replacement Cost 


A few days ago, a picture went viral on Twitter in which the new battery of Ola S1 Pro was seen packed in a box. The battery capacity, serial number and price were written on this box, after which the discussion intensified as to how much the Ola S1 Pro battery could cost.

The prices of 3kWh battery packs are shown in the picture shown here-

3kWh Battery Pack Price – Rs 66,550/-

The Ola S1 Air and S1X (3kWh) and S1X Plus use a 3kWh battery pack. This means that changing the battery of these models may cost you Rs 66 to 68 thousand.

Ola S1 Pro Battery Replacement Cost 


The prices of 4KWh battery packs are shown in the picture shown here-

4kWh battery pack price- 87,300/-

On the other hand, a 4kWh battery pack is used in Ola S1 Gen1 and Gen 2, which means changing the battery of these models may cost you Rs 87 to 90 thousand.


In conclusion, it can be said that it may cost you 65 to 90 thousand rupees to replace the battery of your Ola electric scooter, but thankfully you will not need to change the battery of your electric scooter so soon. There is still a long time left for this and by then the prices of these batteries may also come down.

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