Top 5 Electric Scooters Under 1 Lakh in India 2023-24

Electric scooters are gaining popularity with every passing day and there are plenty of options available in the market to choose from. This list includes the top 5 cheapest electric scooters in India under ₹ 1 lakh in 2023-24. In this list, we only included high-speed electric scooters that require a license to ride. Also, all these electric scooters come with high-tech features and technology.

Electric Scooters Under 1 Lakh in India

Ola S1X Electric Scooter 

Ola S1X is Ola Elctric’s Most Recent Launched Electric Scooter. It comes in Two Different Variants according to the Battery Packs. Both Variants come under a price tag of under 1 lakh in India.

 The OLA S1X sports small but powerful front LED lighting that completes the stylish appearance of the electric scooter. The Ola S1X Also features a 3.5-inch segmented display on the front.


Specs Ola S1X (2kWh)Ola S1X (3 kWh)
Range 91 Km/charge151km 
Top speed 90Km/Ph90km/ph
Battery Pack 2 kWh Lithium-ion 3 kWh Lithium-ion 


Ola S1X 2 kWh and 3kWh Variants Priced at 89,999/- and 99,999/- (Ex-showroom) Respectively in Indian Market.

Ampere Zeal EX 

Almost a year ago, Ampere Electric introduced the entry-level Ampere Zeal EX electric scooter in the Indian market, a more affordable option for those who are just starting to explore the world of electric vehicles.

Ampere Zeel EX is an electric scooter packed with many amazing features like digital instrument cluster, LED headlight and tubeless tyres, Zeel EX is an excellent option for those who want to switch to electric without worrying about their budget.


Top Speed50-55 km/ph
Charging time5 Hrs
Range120 km/charge (ARAI certified)
Battery Pack 2.3 kWh Lithium-ion 
Charger60V, 7.5A Li
Motor Power1.8 KW (Peak Motor Power)


At the Launch time, the company unveiled the price of Zeal EX at Rs. 75,000. But After the Subsidy Reduction Company has raised the prices of this electric scooter. 

Currently, the Ampere Zeal EX Electric Scooter Comes with a Price tag of Rs. 96,000/- in the Indian Market.

Okinawa Praise Pro 

The Okinawa Praise Pro is one of three models that Okinawa Autotech offers under its high-speed lithium-ion battery program. Okinawa Praise Pro is one of the best electric scooters in India currently when it comes to customer trust and budget segment.

Praise Pro doesn’t have a lot of digital features, but it does have a number of useful features. Praise Pro comes with Different color options likewise:- Glossy Blue Black, Glossy Red Black, Glossy Sparkle Black, Honeycomb Blue, Honeycomb Green, Honeycomb Yellow Orange.


Battery Pack 2.08 kWh Lithium-ion (Detachable Battery)
Range 81 Km/Charge
Top Speed56 Km/hr
Charging Time 2-3 Hrs 


The Latest Addition to the Okinawa Praise Pro Electric Scooter Comes with an Ex-showroom Price of 99,645 in India. 

Hero Optima CX 2.0 Electric Scooter 

In the month of March this year, Hero Electric launched a new range of its electric scooters. Hero Optima CX 2.0 is one of the newly launched electric scooters from the company.

Its earlier version was one of the best-selling electric scooters in India. But now the company has come with its latest version. Optima CX2.0 is the ultimate combination of style and performance, with sleek designs and powerful motors that deliver an unparalleled riding experience.


Battery Pack 2 kWh
Range 89 Km/Charge
Top Speed48 Km/hr
Charging Time 4.5 Hrs 


According to the Latest Pricing the Hero Optima CX 2.0 Comes with a Price Tag of Rs. 1.06 Lakh (Ex-showroom) in India. 

Bounce Infinity E1 Electric Scooter 

Bounce Infinity introduced its new electric scooter Infinity E1 on 2 December 2021. Bounce Infinity E1 comes in two variants, one with battery and the other without battery in which you get the option of a swappable battery, so that users can choose the scooter at their convenience.

The battery variant can be charged in 4-5 hours, while the non-battery model has a swappable battery wherein the user can rent a new battery from the nearest swap centers provided by the company and use their mobile app. Can charge the battery by using. Through this it can be detected. Bounce Infinity was the first company in India to introduce a swappable battery electric scooter.

Battery Pack 1.9 kWh 
Range85 Km/Charge
Top Speed 65 km/hr
Charging Time 4-5 Hrs 


Bounce Infinity E1 Electric Scooter Fixed Battery Varaint Comes with the Price of 1.13 Lakh (Ex-showroom) in India. This Price is for the Latest Version of Bounce Infinity Named E1+.


This piece of writing we hope it has given some direction and enabled a good choice. Make sure you also budget for a quality electric scooter that can meet your needs and your preferred riding style.

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