Ather Energy to Launch 2 New Electric Scooter in India

Ather Energy to launch New electric Scooter

India’s 3rd largest electric scooter manufacturer, Ather Energy is planning to expand its EV portfolio. According to the Latest reports, the company is all set to launch new electric scooters in Indian market

2 New Ather Electric Scoters

The Company is currently targeting the mass market in India to make a grab on the EV market. Currently Ather Energy has three electric scooters in India- Ather 450S, Ather 450X (2.9kWH) and Ather 450X (3.7kWh).

Ather 450S

With a 2.9 kWh battery, the Ather 450S has an IDC range of 115 kilometers. It has a top speed of 90 km/h and accelerates from 0 to 40 km/h in 3.9 seconds.

Ather 450X

All the improvements observed in the 450S are also present in the revised Ather 450X. Additionally, it now provides options with ranges of 115 km and 145 km. The Pro pack is another option available to users with the 450X models.

Now Company plans to launch two new electric scooters for indian market. according to reports these could be the mass-market electric scooters. ather wants to cover the mass-market electric scooter segment via its new products.

Launch Date

Ather Energy will Launch Its New Electric Scooters by March 2024.

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Ather Electric Motorcycle

In an Recent Interview Ather Energy has Also Indicate that whey will enter in electric motorcycle segment is well. there no more details available yet but we knows about the expected launch date of ather electric motorcycle.

Launch Date

Ather Energy May Launch its First Motorcycle in India by 2027.

Ather Pro Pack 

For more functionality, a Pro pack is an extra option. For the Ather 450S, the pro pack costs Rs 14,000; for the Ather 450X (2.9 kWh); and for the Ather 450X (3.7 kWh), it costs Rs 16,000.

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