Electric Two-wheeler Sales Data January to December 2023

Electric Two-wheeler Sales Data 2023

The year 2023 is almost on the verge of ending. If we talk about the Indian electric vehicle market, this year has been full of ups and downs. Especially for the electric two wheeler market. There was a sudden rise in the electric scooter segment at the beginning of the year. But as the year progressed and by June the segment faced a major backlash. The government suddenly reduced the subsidy on electric two wheelers. Its effect was clearly visible in the market. Sales figures suddenly started falling. But as time passed, many companies found solutions to this also. Within a few months the market once again returned to its normal state.

By the end of the year, the electric two wheeler market gained momentum and companies also started giving many festival offers.

Explore electric two-wheeler sales data for January to December 2023. Best-selling electric scooters and motorcycles in 2023.

Best Selling Electric Scooters in 2023

Sr. Company Jan. Feb. Mar. AprilMayJune July Aug.Sep.Oct.Nov.Dec.Total 
1.Ola Electric15,31714,85817,72418,17923,37914,03015,39815,50014,77919,71523,90415,4812,08,264
2.TVS Iqube8,59910,50814,0777,34516,5736,6678,56712,86413,05814,11116,6267,8241,36,819
3.Ather Energy 6,3346,8558,4825,47510,5022,8614,2764,5944,9285,6696,2183,14569,339
4.Bajaj Chetak3,1222,4124,2563,8039,6292,8843,8516,1426,6468,35810,5285,99567,308
5.Ampere (Greaves)3,9995,4178,4887,8319,3262,8393,2309,7093,8734,1604,3262,12359,008
6.Okinawa Autotech3,8303,3854,0222,8952,6252,2872,0531,8441,6711,3241,50264728,085
7.Hero Electric5,9115,2106,0463,0401,8531,02770674879462577239027,122
8.Okaya EV1,1761,1591,6601,4873,5904077641,1228258331,25454914,826
9.BGauss Auto6276097147051,6061645768398571,0811,48581510,078
10.Hero Vida 47145128705063177357193951,4552,4319567,904

Note:- The figures for the month of December are valid only till 22nd.

Key Highlight of the Year 2023

1. Ola Electric 

This year Ola Electric has sold a record more than 2 lakh electric scooters. Which is an unimaginable record in itself. Apart from this, Ola Electric made many big announcements this year like showing a whole new portfolio of its electric scooters. Along with this, it also showcased its upcoming electric motorcycle at the event and apart from this, it also kept the customers enthusiastic about electric scooters with many big offers throughout the year.

2. TVS Motors

TVS has launched a new performance based electric scooter this year which has been named TVS X. Also, TVS sold about 1.36 lakh electric scooters this year, which is the second highest in India.

3. New Players

In 2023, many new electric scooter manufacturing companies also entered the market, some of the main ones are:- Rivot Motors, River Indie and Many More. 

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